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International Conference on Encephalopathy with Electrical Status Epilepticus during Sleep Linking epilepsy, sleep disruption and cognitive impairment

ScienceTalenter, Sorø Akademi - 14-15 March, 2014 Sorø (Denmark)

“Encephalopathy with Electrical Status Epilepticus during Sleep (ESES)” was described more than 40 years ago, however its clinical spectrum and its boundaries, the diagnostic criteria, the pathophysiology and the therapeutic management are still a matter of debate. In the last years, clinical data, neurophysiological and imaging investigations, and genetic studies have renewed the interest on ESES. In addition, experimental findings from sleep research have opened fascinating perspectives on some possible pathophysiological mechanisms involved in this condition.  The aim of this conference is to bring together clinicians and scientists, who have been working on ESES and sleep physiology to create a better overall understanding of this special syndrome in the light of recent research. In addition we would want to reach an international consensus on diagnostic inclusion and exclusion criteria and clinical management of ESES.  

Preliminary Program

Epilepsy in ESES: 

Clinical pictures: the spectrum, evolution and prognosis
EEG pictures; EEG analysis: what to analyze ? how to quantify ?    
Genetics: overview, GRIN2A mutations and the spectrum of encephalopathies with speech and language dysfunctions, future research perspectives 

Sleep in ESES: 

Sleep physiology and cognition – the synaptic homeosthasis hypothesis
Synaptic homeosthasis hypothesis and ESES
Sleep EEG synchronization mechanisms and activation of interictal epileptic spikes
Sleep-enhanced epileptiform activity in other conditions

Cognition in ESES: 

Spike-related cognitive dysfunction
Cognitive impairment in ESES and diagnostic assessment
Cognitive impairment in other epilepsy conditions with increased spike-related activity during sleep
Cognitive and behavioural outcome

Treatment of ESES: 

AEDs, Ketogenic diet, VNS, Steroids, Surgery  


Aldenkamp A (The Netherlands), Arzimanoglou A (France), Cantalupo G (Italy), Caraballo G (Argentina), Cross H (UK), Dalla Bernardina B (Italy), Hirsch E (France), Huber R (Switzerland), Jansen F (The Netherlands), Larsson P (Norway), Loddenkemper T (USA), Møller R (Denmark), Nikanorova M (Denmark), Nobili L (Italy), Peltola M (Finland), Rubboli G (Denmark), Siniachtkin M (Germany), Szepetowski P (France), Tassinari CA (Italy), Tononi G (USA- confirmation pending), Van Bogaert P (Belgium).

Guido Rubboli
Marina Nikanorova
Carlo Alberto Tassinari




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